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Continuous Innovation Helps Us Strengthen Our Vision and Guiding Principles

We will accomplish our Mission by developing the most innovated technology possible. we are committed to developing and delivering products that create trusting and loyal customers that allow our business to flourish, while fully honoring our values.

Our Vision

We are committed to working side-by-side with our partners to provide the “American Dream” for their customers. 

Constant Innovation

We are committed to providing the highest value products and services. We will meet and exceed industry standards while maintaining affordability.

The Villagrid offers peace of mind, and supports a grid-resilient lifestyle.

Harness the Power of Lithium Titanate

The VillaGrid allows you to capture the excess energy produced each day by your solar panels or the grid and save it for later use

The VillaGrid Allows You To Take Control of Your Home Energy Management And Electric Usage.

The VillaGrid Allows You To Take Control of Your Home Energy Management And Electric Usage.

Longest Warranty – With a 20 year warranty, VillaGrid offers double the protection of any competitors.

Extreme Temperatures and Altitude – For those who live in extreme temperature areas or high altitudes, the VillaGrid can be used in temperature ranges between -22℉ to 131℉ and at altitudes up to 10,000 feet.


All Things Villara Energy


Villara Energy Systems Launches The VillaGrid

Villara Energy Systems announced the launch of its state-of-the-art home battery, the VillaGrid. 


What is Lithium Titanate? 

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The VillaGrid at Turkey Creek

Villara Energy Systems launches its state-of-the-art home battery, the VillaGrid, in new residential community.