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The VillaGrid is the industry’s first lithium titanate home battery, delivering reliable power and cost savings to homeowners and other stakeholders. SEE MORE


Villara Energy Systems designs, develops, and delivers innovative energy solutions meant to encourage energy independence and efficient resource utilization. Villara Energy Systems, LLC is a subsidiary of Villara Corporation (founded in 1947).

Lithium titanate is the only non-flammable battery chemistry in the home energy industry, making it one of the safest batteries on the market. SEE MORE


Your VillaGrid stores solar energy gathered during the day for use during peak rate hours, overnight, or during a power outage. SEE MORE

Your VillaGrid energy storage system is configured through the inverter, where it can be set to maximize backup capacity, maximize energy savings (e.g., peak shaving), and many other options. Your VillaGrid energy storage system comes with a quick-start guide as well as a more in-depth manual to explain the available options. Your VillaGrid installer has also been trained on the configuration options available to you.

The VillaGrid comes in 5.75 kWh or 11.5 kWh sizes. Multiple VillaGrids can be installed to increase storage capacity and power. SEE MORE

We chose lithium titanate batteries (made by Toshiba) because they enable us to deliver power, safety, longevity, and reliability. No other battery can come close to the VillaGrid’s power-to-energy ratio; no other battery uses a non-flammable battery chemistry; no other battery comes with a standard 20 year warranty; and no other battery can operate down to -22°F (-30°C). SEE MORE

During a power outage, your solar modules gather solar energy and store it in your VillaGrid. Then the VillaGrid makes that energy available when the sun goes down, or when household loads otherwise exceed what is being generated by your solar. With enough storage capacity and/or some energy conservation on your part, your battery may last even until your solar is producing again the next morning.

Yes! In fact, most solar systems are not designed to work at all during a power outage, unless you also have a battery installed.

Yes! Your VillaGrid can power the most demanding household loads, even when the grid is down. SEE MORE

Your solar system will not produce as much energy during overcast days, but your VillaGrid battery can also store excess energy produced during prior days, making your power even more reliable than the sun.

The VillaGrid is the only home battery that comes standard with a 20 year warranty, and is engineered to last even longer. Its lithium titanate battery chemistry simply doesn’t wear out the way other home batteries do. SEE MORE

Your VillaGrid battery can be rapidly charged at a rate of 10kW. The 5.75kWh VillaGrid can be fully charged in less than 1 hour, and the 11.5kWh VillaGrid (the “VillaGrid+”) can be charged in less than 90 minutes.


Yes! Your VillaGrid energy storage system can integrate with existing DC-coupled and AC-coupled systems.

If your property has an area usually exposed to the sun, then you should consider having a solar system installed. If you want to protect yourself from power outages, peak rates, and rising energy prices, then consider a solar battery as well. SEE MORE

Your VillaGrid will be wall-mounted in your garage.


You are free to use your VillaGrid battery as backup power for a power outage, as a peak shaving device to save money, or any combination thereof.

Yes! Your VillaGrid will enable you to charge your EV (via your existing charger), even during a power outage. No more will you be stranded when the grid goes down.

Yes! The VillaGrid is eligible for the federal investment tax credit (ITC) and other state and local programs (e.g., CA SGIP). Many utility companies also offer rebates and other incentives.

Yes! Your VillaGrid can generate substantial savings, depending on current and future rates and agreements with your utility company. Many people use the VillaGrid to reduce or eliminate their use of utility power during “peak hours”, when it’s most expensive. Others use a combination of solar and the VillaGrid to eliminate their energy bill altogether!


Yes! The included hybrid inverter works whether connected to the utility grid or not. SEE MORE

Yes! Some use a combination of solar and the VillaGrid to either treat the grid as their backup (e.g., for cloudy days), or even to go entirely off-grid. SEE MORE

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